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Since 2006 I have had many teachers across the United States contact me about my Math slide show lessons, how I teach topics, and helpful advice almost monthly. The time and energy put into developing my program has been a huge work in progress for me, filled with dedication, and hard work.This has led me to a new endeavor of selling my Math Slideshows online.

I have been teaching Math for 13 years now and I can tell you that developing interactive slideshow lessons on each topic taught in Math has been a huge motivator for student participation, student involvement & interaction. It has helped students in many ways because not only do students see a concept, but they hear it, read it, say it, but most importantly write it at the end of the lesson (study guide notes that students take after the slide show lesson.)

I have each lesson listed by Math topic, so that no matter what book you teach out of, the lesson is there teaching it for you. You just direct the teacher presentation, and include student interaction & participation. By listing each Math concept by topic, each lesson can be used for grades anywhere from 6th to 10th grade depending on the level and needs of your students, regardless of your adopted textbook. All lessons were created using Microsoft Power Point so slides can be modified or cut and pasted for the needs of your students. All lessons were created using the California Mathematics Content Standards.

With all of my Math slide shows, I try to reach all the learning modalities for all types of learners. For example, when I teach the topic of integers I start with a hands-on model, which is interactive with students using algebra tiles or tile spacers and using an interactive website that involves virtual manipulatives. This is really useful for the learner who needs to visually see what a positive and negative is. The next day I teach the lesson using a vertical number line so that students can relate it to real life such as being on an elevator. In doing this, students see the content standard in multiple ways and it reaches all types of learners in the classroom. The next lesson involves the rules and using what we have learned and discovered. After several days of seeing the concept differently students can really understand why subtracting a negative is really adding a positive (and not just memorizing the rules.) So with all of my lessons I try to meet the needs of all types of learners, and most importantly I don’t just tell my students to memorize the rules, I let them discover the rules and I always show they why something works. This is very powerful in a Mathematics classroom!

I also want to let you know that I have taught all these lessons so they are absolutely perfected to create an engaging Mathematics program that is very student friendly and highly interactive. I believe in this program and know that my hard work and dedication has brought me to this new adventure of staring my own business (while still teaching full time!) Lastly, I wanted to let you know that I received my Master’s Degree in 2003 in Mathematics Education, specializing in Curriculum and Instruction. I felt I should include this information so that you would know my qualifications.


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